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Nuova pubblicazione - Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological Treatment After Cardiac Surgery

Durante, Alessandro MD; Limite, Luca Rosario MD; Peretto, Giovanni MD; Laricchia, Alessandra MD; Ancona, Francesco MD; Mangieri, Antonio MD; Cianflone, Domenico MD

Open-heart surgery has become a common procedure. Postcardiac surgery management is a critical issue and represents a crucial period in terms of physical recovery. Cardiac rehabilitation is increasingly considered as an integral component of the continuum of care for patients with cardiovascular disease. Its usefulness is now widely accepted, and therefore, it is recommended in most contemporary cardiovascular clinical practice guidelines. Similarly, early pharmacological management can modulate the pathophysiological alterations after cardiac surgery, leading to an improvement in the early and long-term outcome. In this review, we will present recent advances in postcardiac surgery management, focusing on the pathophysiology of the perioperative period and on recent evidences in pharmacological and rehabilitative strategies.

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